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¡Ven A Conocernos!
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School Insurance

02 junio , 2013

The school has an obligatory accidents insurance for all the pupils. This insurance covers the accidents inside and outside Haurkabi facilities, during curricular and extra curricular activities.

During school hours, if any pupil feels bad or has an accident, the family will be immediately informed.

Whenever an accident cannot be treated at school or in case that the school cannot contact with the family and it is urgent, the pupil will be taken to hospital with his/her tutor or any other person from the school and at the same time the parents will be contacted to go to the hospital as soon as possible.
Any pupil that has an important contraindication or another important data in his medical history will bring a report from his doctor that will be kept in his personal file as a reference in case of any accident.

School mutuality
Coas, as a group, keeps an educational school insurance that covers the totality of the pupils registered in our centres.
This insurance covers the school expenses of each pupil during all the school period in case of death or absolute and permanent disability of one of the spouses registered. It is highly recommended to register the second parent.
As the pupil enters in our centres, he is automatically registered at the school educational insurance, as long as he fulfils all the conditions imposed by the insurance.

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